Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dream Interiors: Fairy Chic


I received a very sweet email from a reader the other day which has inspired this edition of Dream Interiors. She explained that she is currently doing some decorating with her 12 year old daughter, who wants her bedroom to be a grown-up mixture of shabby chic and fairies - a place that she can escape to. I just love this idea for a theme, and the fact that she has such specific ideas - reminds me of a twelve year old me! 

They already have some fabulous ideas of their own, my favourite being a dolls house renovated into a fairy house - with a moss roof and stucco outside walls - which may eventually be turned into a night light. How cool is that?! 

I think there is something about a fairy aesthetic that can appeal to both children and adults, and her request immediately made me think of the 1997 film "Fairy Tale, a True Story". I think that film totally encompasses the more earthy, enchanting and slightly grown-up look of fairy-land, and if I were decorating a room in this style I would definitely use that as my inspiration. It would be moss, vines and willow a plenty - with a bed canopy and twinkle lights thrown in obviously. 

x Rachel 


  1. This is such a cool idea!

  2. I love this decor idea! I really like the photo of the bed and the last photo with the inside plants, it reminds me of some of Tim Walker's photos where the gaden is brough inside. This little girls has such good taste, and her room's going to look so pretty! xx

    1. Yes you are so right about Tim Walker - definitely reminds me of this theme! xx


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