Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I Love Renegade Craft Fair

On Sunday I met up with the lovely Kate, and after a bit of lost wanderings around (you'd think I'd know my way around Brick Lane by now) we ventured into Renegade Craft Fair. I think I would have to wager that we spent more time browsing than deemed normal - we just couldn't get enough! 

What I love about Renegade is the consistent high quality of products across the board. There were SO many beautiful things by some amazing artists! I have been loving reading other bloggers' write ups about it, because I'm still discovering things that I didn't see in our many circuits around the fair. 

The other thing I love about Renegade is getting to meet so many talented artists and bloggers - some of which I have been reading their online adventures for ages! Stall highlights were: Ella Masters, Oh Squirrel, Hello Harriet, OhNoRachio, Ladybird Likes, Blank Inside... Oh there were so many! 

It was so great to have Kate as a shopping team mate for the day! We could share in the excitement overload when faced with so much prettiness, and do typical blogger things like taking selfies in mirrors. We also spent a lot of time carefully crafting newspaper props for the Make Thrift London / LookLook photobooth and feeling very pleased with ourselves - look at that paper-chain necklace - what a pro! 

All in all, a brilliant day. I came away feeling so inspired to - as it says on my new Oh Squirrel tag - "Just bloody get on with it". 

Any other Renegade fans reading? What were your favourite stalls? 

x Rachel 

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  1. yes me too! It's always so much fun! I cant wait to go again!


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