Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Try It Tuesday: Reindeer Hoop

Phew - I barely caught the end of daylight with this one! 

It's #TryItTuesday and this week I had a go at this tutorial from Blue Robin Cottage. My version is slightly modified, but the process is basically the same, and it was so easy! I used felt as the accent material to get a clean edge with this slightly fiddly deer... I might add a bit of a border to it, but I do sort of love the simplicity of it as well. Maybe I will make another one to go with it, and next time use a fabric I can use stamps on like Sierra has done - hers is so sweet!

Has anyone else had a go at some crafting today? 

x Rachel 


  1. Love this! Have just pinned it so I remember to try it myself later :)

  2. how cute! I like your version :)


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