Friday, 6 December 2013

12 Handmades of Christmas: Cut-Out Sheet Music Tags

For my second Handmade of Christmas I made some sweet little gift tags. These were so easy, and way cheaper than buying a pre-made pack! 

You will need: Some thick Kraft paper or brown card, a hole punch, bakers twine, craft knife, sheet music printed on tracing paper. 

1// Cut the tag shapes - they can be whatever size you like really. I made mine to look a bit like luggage tags. 

2// Punch a hole through the top of the tag and thread some bakers twine through. I think red would look lovely too and probably a bit more festive... 

3// Mark out your hearts with pencil (using a stencil if you need to) and cut out the shapes with a craft knife. 

4// Print some sheet music on to tracing paper (you can feed it through your printer as normal). Cut strips as wide as the tag to cover the back of the heart - glue these in place. On one side you should have a musical heart and on the other a pretty strip of musical notes. 

Here's what they look like held up to the light - like a pretty little stained glass window! This would look great with different shapes and colours... You could even print on acetate sheets to get an even clearer window. 

Do you make your own tags at Christmas? 

x Rachel 


  1. Liking this idea a lot, the outcomes is great too! Very easy to understand as well. Can't wait to see more of your d.i.y's :)

  2. what a simple idea! i bet these would look great if you tried other things like book pages too! cant wait to see more of the handmade christmas posts!

    1. Ooo yes book pages would look lovely! xx

  3. So neat!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Love these! Handmade tags are such a nice touch.

    1. Thank you Renée :) yes I agree, they're so easy but add a really nice personal element.. xx


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