Thursday, 12 December 2013

12 Handmades of Christmas: Felt Bow Earrings

As promised, here is how to make the matching earrings to the little bow brooch I posted the other day. These are super cute and even easier than the brooch - no sewing required! 

You will need: Red felt, earring stud blanks, glue (I used UHU but hot glue also works fine), scissors. 

1// Cut out the unfolded bow shapes (as shown), this is a little fiddly as they are so small. I made mine so that the finished bow is just 2cm across. 

2// Fold the edges of the felt to the centre and glue in place, then cut a tiny square for the centre and glue this down too. 

3// Turn your bows over and use a dot of glue to fix the blank studs in place. 

I'm definitely wearing these on Christmas day - but the best part is that they don't have to be packed away in a box once that "bleugh no more Christmas" feeling sets in... They are definitely appropriate all year round, don't you think? 

x Rachel 

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