Tuesday, 10 December 2013

12 Handmades of Christmas: Jingle Bow Brooch

For today's Handmade of Christmas I'll be showing you how to make this festive bow brooch. It's the perfect way to make any outfit look instantly Christmassy and you can make it in under an hour! 

You will need: red felt, a bell, glue, blank badge back, needle and thread and scissors. 

1// Cut out an unfolded bow shape (as above) - I made mine so that my finished bow was about 5cm across. You'll need the bow shape, plus a strip for the middle. 

2// Fold the edges of the bow into the middle and secure with a dot of glue. Pinch the middle in with another dot of glue, and cover this with the middle strip (glue in place). This forms the main part of your bow. 

3// Sew the bell so that it is dangling a little below the middle (see picture). You don't want to make it too tight so that it still has a bit of movement. Then sew the badge back securely to the reverse of the bow. 

4// Cut the tails to your bow and glue them in place as shown. Then turn the bow over and cut the edges into a slanted shape. 

5// Wear from now until Christmas Day! 

What do you think? I go into bow overdrive at this time of year... As if I need an excuse! Keep an eye out this week as my next tutorial will be for some matching earrings :) 

x Rachel 


  1. Looks really easy but so effective. Loving your Christmas posts. xx


  2. Thanks so much Melanie, glad you're enjoying them! x


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