Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Great Set Design Moments: Where the Wild Things Are

I recently had a lovely email from blinkbox that was a little different from the usual promotional mail outs I receive. They offered to send me some vouchers to try out the service, but rather than asking for a review they encouraged me to write about film from the perspective of a set and costume designer. I realised that I don't actually write about set design that much here on the blog - despite it being my job! This inspired me to start a new series: Great Set Design Moments. I'm going to start with one of my recent favourites, Where the Wild Things Are. 

I love the style of this film throughout, and I think production designer K.K. Barrett did a fantastic job at staying true to the original illustrations by Maurice Sendak. I think the greatest achievement of the design is that it captures magic and imagination while staying very true to the woodsy setting, creating a world that you can really invest in visually. 

My favourite design moment of the film is Carol's model city. It's so beautiful and completely incapsulates that woodsy magic that runs through the film. I think this also comes from my love of miniature things... Take a look at the online portfolio of one of the set and model makers on the film, Nick Pledge - he has some amazing behind the scenes shots of the sets and miniatures! 

What films do you love for their designs? 

x Rachel 

ps. Although I was not required to write a review for this post, let me just say that I was really impressed with blinkbox. So much so that I cancelled my Netflix subscription... Big move! 


  1. This is such a cool perspective, I never really think about how much work goes into the set designs. I loved the way this movie was shot too, so dreamlike like the book.

    1. It is so beautifully shot! Lots of low sun and long shadows... xx


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