Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Habit for January: Response // Ability

I had some lovely words of encouragement from you internet people on my last post, so thank you for that! Following on from my introduction to the I Think I Can Series, here's a little about the first habit I will be putting into practice this month... 

My challenge for this month has come out of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and it is focused on the idea of being pro-active rather than reactive. A Reactive person might have moods that are directly affected by their surroundings and other people. The majority of their self worth may come from what others think of them. They might be grumpy whenever the weather is bad. A Proactive person has the ability to choose their response to their surroundings and situation, their sense of self worth is within their control. As Covey says very cleverly; a proactive person "carries their own weather". I would definitely describe myself as a reactive person up until this point. I am so often floored by things that aren't in my control and it seems silly because I would be so much happier if I just learnt not to react in that way. 

A huge eye-opener for me has come from Covey's explanation of the word "Responsibility". It's basically the idea that one of our most powerful assets as humans is that we have the freedom to choose the way we react to our situations. Instead of blaming our circumstances for our actions and feelings, it's about accepting some accountability. We feel the way we choose to feel. The book obviously goes much deeper into this idea, but I don't want to spoil the whole thing (I really do recommend it if you are into this stuff). 

RESPONSE // ABILITY - is the ability to choose our response. 

So my challenge to myself this month is to practice using my own Response-Ability. I want to get into the habit of carrying my own weather and not playing the blame game with my circumstances. 

What do you think? Does this idea resonate with any of you? Why not take up the challenge with me? I'd love to hear how other people get on with it! 

x Rachel 

ps. I'll be back to posting pretty things tomorrow ;)


  1. Hi Rachel, I think this is great. We're all guilty of blaming the weather for our mood (especially at this time of year), but actually we could all do with taking more control of making ourselves feel positive. Have you heard of 'mindfulness' and 'being mindful'. I learnt about it recently and it's really helpful. It includes things like taking a deep breath when you enter a room (if feeling stressed) and recognising emotions, but not letting them overtake you. Worth a Google if you have a moment! Leanne x

    1. I googled - really interesting! I think there's definitely something in recognising your feelings and just accepting them. I read something else about distracting your mind from panic by just focusing on the physical feelings of anxiety and comparing them to excitement - as they can be quite similar. Funny these tricks we can play on ourselves.. xxx


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