Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My 2014 Craft To-Do List


I have a problem. I made a list like this last year in an attempt to be less sporadic with my crafting and actually get some projects finished. Even though I did make a lot of things and improved some of my skills, I didn't really master anything on my list fully! I've always been a bit restless when it comes to crafting. I want to be good at it all straight away - but that's resulted in me just being a "dabbler" in everything. 

I am determined this year - that's why there are only four projects on my list. Even if I don't finish them all, I want to make sure I've made some good headway. 

1// Screen printing. I got a silkscreen for Christmas (hooray!) and I want to start printing on fabrics and cards. I've done it before at A level, but I think it's time to have another go properly. 

2// Granny Square Blanket. I did actually start this last year and I've got quite a lot of it done, but I'd love to get it finished this year. 

3// Tapestry. My best girls bought me this Emily Peacock tapestry kit for my birthday! I am so in love with it and can't wait to work on it all year. It's quite big so it's a lovely project to keep dipping in and out of. 

4// Painting. This crops up every year but there is always something holding me back. I literally think I have some sort of deep rooted fear of putting colour on paper. I am slowly getting better, but I'd like to keep going. 

These are my favourite kind of to-do lists. What skills would you like to improve this year?

x Rachel 


  1. I want to finish the cross stitch project I started last year. I just keep forgetting about it!

  2. I'm restless when it comes to crafting too, I always start something and then push it away if it isn't going along like I want. I'm terrified of painting too, I thought I wanted to start, washed a colour all over a piece of paper, deemed it unworthy and that was that. I remember carving rubber stamps in school and would love to start doing that again.


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