Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Try It Tuesday: Geometric Candles

#TryItTuesday is back! This one has been in the drafts box for ages, and it's one of my favourites so I'm really excited to share it now. These geometric candles are a stroke of genius from Kris Degraeve and the tutorial can be found here on How Did You Make This? The method is based around making your own candle moulds from card stock. 

I absolutely loved following this tutorial! It's not as tricky as it looks, but it is quite time consuming. My main tip is to use good thick card and make sure you seal all tiny holes with PVA glue, otherwise it can get very messy. If all else fails, put a lot of newspaper down and just keep trying; the results are so worth it. Be sure to check out the brilliant original tutorial

There were also two other great Try It Tuesday posts today: 

>>>Emily from Trends With Benefits made some gorgeous little hair pins.

>>>Leanne from Knit me a Cake made a lovely felt phone case inspired by my tutorial :) 

x Rachel 

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  1. wow these are so cute! i looked at the image at first and actually thought it was chocolate haha!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!


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