Thursday, 20 February 2014

Where Have I Been?!

I think this is the longest break I've had in this little blog's history! Hello again :) 

Work work work is the reason for my time away. 2014 so far has been incredibly busy in very exciting ways. Here's a little update: 

>>> I designed some costumes for SUN by National Art Service - a show about the end of the world, which is still running at Shoreditch Church until the end of next week. 

>>> I spent a week in Leeds building a giant ball of hair with artist Selina Thompson and a beautiful team! This was so much fun and such a gorgeous performance by Selina. Any of you northerners may have seen this on the news, we were on Look North the other day. 

>>> I'm now prop sourcing for another show that is going to Salzburg in July. The set will include a 1940s New York subway train - so the shopping is pretty fun! 

So I just thought I'd pop in to say I'm still here - just a bit swamped. I'm looking forward to my next day off so I can give poor bloggy a bit of attention. 

x Rachel 


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