Monday, 3 March 2014

DIY Painted Leather Phone Case

I got this white leatherette case free with my new phone (jammy!) and although I do love the little tortoise in the corner, it was a bit boring. I decided to try and jazz it up a bit with some acrylic paint, and I love how it came out! 

You will need: white faux leather phone case (it may work on real leather too), acrylic paint, masking tape. 

1// Tape out a pattern on the case with the masking tape. I chose a simple colour blocking pattern as sometimes I think bold is best. 

2// Start painting in the blocks. I only did one coat on mine (I'm lazy), but a couple of coats might give a more even finish. I personally like that hazy painty style. Make sure you pull the masking tape off while the paint is still wet as this will make the lines look cleaner. 

3// Cover the whole case in paint and wait for it to dry. I haven't put a protective coat on mine and it seems to be holding up well! But if you wanted to protect the pattern some PVA glue should do the trick. 

Happy March everyone! I'm going to be back in the blogging game this month now that I have settled into my work schedule a bit. I've missed this little bit of internet :) 

x Rachel 

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