Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting my Art Journal On...

I feel very lucky to have a job where I get to be creative every day, it's amazing. The only trouble is that because designing is my job, I feel like I have lost my hobby. Making things has always been my way of relaxing and staying inspired, but when everything I make is work related I start to feel a bit zapped of motivation. I think it's really important to keep creating just for fun, because often that's when the most valuable skill practice comes in - when the pressure is off. 

To give myself the excuse to make things just for me, I've started Rachel Denbow's 52 Weeks of Art Journalling on A Beautiful Mess. I had a feeling I was going to love it; I've read one of their e-courses before (dream-job) and it continues to be a great source of inspiration for me. I've completed the first week and I have to say the course is exactly what I wanted it to be. There's something I find really satisfying about making pages within a style or prompt that someone else has set for you - it cuts out that "what shall I make?" feeling (which I get enough of in my day job!). 

Sometimes it's nice to do something "just because"; and that's exactly what I'll be doing more of from now on. 

Is anyone else out there doing this course? What do you think of it? 

x Rachel 


  1. I got this course when it first came out when I was lost for inspiration, it really did help it getting me back into being creative! I haven't finished it yet (or if I even will) but I love looking over what I've done so far.

    I might get back into when creativity is down.
    Have fun with it!


  2. I've always thought that course looked interesting and fun! Maybe now I'll have to try it out.


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