Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Make a Mini Folder out of Duct Tape

Any fellow freelancers out there may have a purse similar to mine; over flowing with receipts! I have a filing system for mine, but I don't get around to actually organising them very often, so I've been looking for a mini organiser that I can take with me on the go to keep things a little neater. I also wanted something with different compartments so that I could keep receipts from different jobs separate, but I found it quite difficult to find something in the size I wanted... So I decided to make one! 

Supplies: Gaffa/Duct Tape in a fun colour, clear parcel tape, cereal box card, plastic wallets, washi tape, scissors. 

1// Cut two rectangles out of thin cardboard in whatever size you would like to make your folder. 

2// Cover each piece in gaffa tape (I got my pink roll from Tiger), and leave an excess at one side of a few centimetres. 

3// Join the two pieces with another piece of tape, wrapping around the front and back and forming the "spine" of your folder. Make sure that the two sides will match up when folding before taping it down. 

4// Cut the plastic wallets down to the right size and reseal the edges with washi tape as necessary. 

5// Use clear parcel tape to fix the wallets inside the folder. 

6// Pop your new organisational friend into your bag and feel smug for being so on top of your finances. 

What do you think? I mostly love how cheap this was to make. You could use the same method to make art journals or book sleeves, or photo albums! Hooray for gaffa tape :)

x Rachel 

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