Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wedding Planning - The Big To-Do List

As I mentioned in this post in January - Jake and I got engaged over Christmas! It's been a very exciting time behind the scenes over here, visiting venues, drawing up budgets and pinteresting (obviously)... We're getting excitingly close to booking our venue, so I thought it was high time I wrote the first (of many I'm sure) wedding planning post. 

We're looking at Summer next year, so we have plenty of time - but having designed weddings for other people before and knowing how much work is involved, we knew that we wanted to get organised as soon as possible. To start us off, we made this big planning board to act as our master todo list - it really is the list to end all lists! 

We sat down together and just blurted out every possible thing we thought might come up during the wedding planning, organised them into different categories, and wrote each task on a separate bit of paper (colour coded of course). The board is divided into three sections: the main list, the area of focus, and the "done" area. As you can see, we have barely started! But it's so satisfying to move things over to the completed section. 

What I like best about this method, is that it's a really great way to look at everything all at once in a digestible way. Having each task on a separate bit of paper that you can move around, or take away all together, is so helpful. We can decide what tasks we're focusing on each month, and just concentrate on them rather than being overwhelmed by everything all at once.

Our list is probably a little bit over-kill, and a lot of it will probably be irrelevant as decisions start to be made, but it has been really useful to have everything we're thinking about out in the open and in such a visual way. I'm sure a lot of people think we are total freaks - some of our friends have definitely had a little chuckle/eye roll on seeing this up in our house! But putting on shows/events is what both of us do for a job, so we can't help but geek out a bit... 

Does anyone else plan like this? Any tips from any of you? 

x Rachel 


  1. I've just found your blog through #weddinghour and I'm glad I did! Really good read and lovely style... Amazing etsy shop too! Keep it up :) xx

    1. Oh thank you so much, you've made my evening :) :) xx


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