Friday, 24 April 2015

One Sketch a Day

This year I've been practicing my drawing with one of these One Sketch a Day books. "Improve my drawing skills" has been on pretty much on every goals list I've written in the last few years, but I was finding that I was never very inspired to actually practice. This little book has been an amazing motivator! The boxes are quite small, so they don't feel intimidating, it always feels like I have time to squeeze in a little sketch every day. I've attempted a few 365 projects over the last few years - mostly with photos - but this is the longest I've managed to keep one going. Now that there is a good bank of material there, it's more and more satisfying to keep filling up the book one little box at a time. 

Anyone else doing a sketch a day? Or any other 365 projects that are still going strong? I'd love to see! 

x Rachel 


  1. I've always wanted to take on a sketch-a-day journal. Your drawings are lovely! Glad to see you're doing well :)

  2. Ah thanks Renée!! Lovely to hear from you, hope you are doing well too :) xx

  3. I'm LOVING your new blog design! I want to jump on a sketch a day bandwagon! I've been itching to get back to traditional art lately.


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