Hello, I'm Rachel. Pointless Pretty Things is a design and lifestyle blog, focusing on living a creative and happy life. 

A few facts:

- I am 25 and originally from Hampshire.
- I graduated 3 years ago from Central School of Speech and Drama in London. 
- I trained in set and costume design and now work in theatre and events. 
- I live in Orpington with my lovely fianc√© Jake, our little cat Cecilia and Isaac the newt. 
- I have a shop selling wedding decorations, stationery and gifts - you can visit it here

Things you will find here

- DIY and craft projects
- Snippets of my career as a designer
- Small business adventures  
- Design Inspirations
- Daily life in London

Why "Pointless Pretty Things"? 

I always used to joke with Jake that my favourite type of shop is one that sells pretty things that have no use other than to be pretty, and if I had a shop then I would call it "Pointless Pretty Things". I also think it's important to stop and notice the little things in life that make us happy, even if they are seemingly unimportant. They are important because they make us happy! So this blog should really be called Important Pretty Things, but that doesn't quite have the same ring to it. 

Thanks for popping by, feel free to chat to me via comments, twitter or instagram - let's be friends :) 


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